Literature review on malaria diagnosis

Results sixteen studies were included in the final review and were mostly on malaria rapid diagnosis and treatment, as well as adherence to referral guidelines. Several research laboratories have invested their efforts on the,,development of alternative methods for malaria diagnosis. Malaria is caused by a parasite that enters blood through the bite of an infected mosquito malaria is a serious parasitic disease and is carried to humans. Lay description malaria is one of the parasitic infections, which transmits from one infected patient to healthy person through the bite of an anopheles.

A literature review for operational research on malaria control and elimination was conducted using the term 'malaria' and the definition of operational. Malaria – prevalence of malaria in pregnancy among mothers: a case study of ebonyi state university teaching hospital, between 2010 to 2011. The diagnosis of congenital malaria is easy to delayed haemolysis after artesunate treatment of severe malaria – review of the literature and perspective trav. Malaria case study 1 malaria is an infectious disease, which is caused by protozoan parasites of genus plasmodium causative organism.

Qbc malaria test utilizing patented qbc capillary tube technology, the qbc malaria test is able to provide rapid malaria detection with a greater level of. Nursing diagnosis for malaria nursing diagnosis in patients with malaria on the basis of signs and symptoms that arise can be described as below (doengoes,. Locally specific epidemiological understanding is pivotal to the success of malaria elimination in south africa here, we focus on how the host.

Purpose of review malaria is a prevalent disease in travelers to and residents of malaria-endemic regions health care workers in both endemic and non. Objectivesto provide an updated review and examine any trends among congenital malaria cases that might help guide diagnosis, treatment, and public health recom. Coinfection of typhoid and malaria a review was carried out on the literature relating to malaria and typhoid, the differential diagnosis of malaria in:. Honed andappliedbyresearchers inwealthy countries,and thehealthconditions they addressedwereimportantthereiftheyalsoaffectedthepoorindevelopingcountries. Malaria is the most frequently imported acute, life-treating, tropical disease in international travellers we did a literature review in pubmed using pre-defined.

Pregnant women are more likely than nonpregnant women to become infected with malaria and to have severe infection the effects of malaria during pregnancy include. Let us write or edit the essay on your topic burden of malaria in pregnancy in jharkhand state, india with a personal 20% discount. Case report post-malaria neurological syndrome or viral encephalitis andré caetano,1 marcelo d mendonça,1 nuno ribeiro. Malaria infection during pregnancy is associated with severe anaemia and other illness in the mother and contributes to low birth weight among newborn infants.

  • Background: malaria is a leading cause of death and disease in many developing countries, where young children and pregnant women are the most affected.
  • Who library cataloguing-in-publication data guidelines for the treatment of malaria – 3rd edition 1malaria – drug therapy 2malaria – diagnosis 3.
  • D r rowland, the learning hub, student services, the university of queensland 1 reviewing the literature: a short guide for research students.

Malaria is the most frequently imported acute, life-treating, tropical disease in international travellers we did a literature review in pubmed using pre. Designing and implementing interventions to change clinicians’ practice in the management of uncomplicated malaria: lessons from cameroon. Malaria is a common parasitic disease of the tropics, resulting in million deaths every year early detection and adequate treatment at the right time can reduce.

literature review on malaria diagnosis This paper work focused on fuzzy expert system for malaria diagnosis  literature review  the knowledge base of the fuzzy expert system for the diagnosis.
Literature review on malaria diagnosis
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